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Meet a collection of 100+ figures with different attributes and styles!

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100+ FIgures Collection

After the king created a mysterious orb, people on Earth are constantly being chased. The King makes an alliance with 100 other Guardians and together they face the evil enemies of Earth and Heaven.

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Unique Attributes

Guardians have 50 unique Attributes that are split between female and male figures. 25 for female and other 25 for male figures. Those 50 Attributes are used for 100 nfts.



Giveaways and events

Participation in giveaways and events Growing Netern community and opportunity to have a say in the development of the project Distribution of roles and rewards for loyalty


Creation of website

Mint : 100 Netern Guardians NFTs are going to be minted on the Oasis blockchain. You have full intellectual property of your Netern Guardian NFTs, so you can use it as a PFP, or for any other purpose.


All NFTs Sold

50% of all income goes to project development. Raffle for Netern NFT owners limited edition Netern NFTs (5-10). Creating webtoon / manga Stories. Minting 1k supply, every owner gets 1 NFT of those 10k supply. Building a game with 50% of 10k supply minting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Netern?

Netern is a collection of 100+ amazing figures with different attributes and styles hosted on Emerald Mainnet.

Can I buy an NFT from TBA?

Yes, you can buy these figures on TBA.

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